Bitrix24 Migration: Seamless Data Transfer & Custom Solutions

Suitable for small businesses with simple CRM requirements
Limited post-migration support
(1 week)
Basic integration setup
(email, calendar, etc.)
Standard workflow and process
Migration of essential data
(contacts, leads, deals, etc.)

Basic Migration

Get a smooth start with Bitrix24 through our Basic Migration Plan, offering essential data transfer, workflow setup, and configuration to streamline your transition.
4.500 €
3.000 €

Advanced Migration

Elevate your Bitrix24 experience with our Advanced Migration Plan, featuring extensive data transfer, custom field mapping, and seamless integration for a tailored solution.
12.000 €
8.000 €
Comprehensive data migration (contacts, leads, deals, tasks, projects, etc.)
Custom workflow and process migration
Integration setup (email, calendar, telephony, etc.)
Custom field mapping and configuration
Training sessions for Bitrix24 use
Post-migration support (1 month)
Suitable for medium-sized businesses with moderate CRM requirements

Premium Migration

Experience the ultimate Bitrix24 migration with our Premium Plan, offering end-to-end data transfer, expert customization, and ongoing support for optimal performance.
21.000 €
16.000 €
Suitable for large businesses with complex CRM requirements and customizations
Extended post-migration support
(3 months)
Training sessions for Bitrix24 use
Advanced customization and optimization
Custom field mapping and configuration
Integration setup (email, calendar, telephony, marketing tools, etc.)
Custom workflow, process, and automation migration
Complete data migration (contacts, leads, deals, tasks, projects, documents, etc.)

On-Demand Migration

Enjoy maximum flexibility with our On-Demand Migration Service, providing bespoke Bitrix24 migration and support at an hourly rate to accommodate your unique business needs.
150 €/hour
Updates and system enhancements
Support and troubleshooting
Access control and security
Custom reports and analytics
In-depth system analysis
Training sessions for Bitrix24 use
Training and onboarding assistance
Workflow automation setup
Advanced customization
Integration with third-party apps
Custom data migration
Transition to Bitrix24 with our expert migration services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our team of professionals provides comprehensive migration solutions, tailored to your specific business needs. From data migration and system integrations to workflow automation and custom configurations, we ensure a seamless transition to Bitrix24.

Experience the benefits of our migration services

  • Customized migration plans to suit your requirements
  • Expert support for seamless data transfer and system setup
  • Maximized ROI with tailored Bitrix24 solutions
  • Enhanced productivity with optimized workflows and processes
  • Reliable ongoing support for troubleshooting and system enhancements
Choose from our fixed plans or opt for on-demand services to get the exact support you need. Don't let the migration process hold you back from harnessing the power of Bitrix24. Let our experts handle the complexities while you focus on growing your business.
Take the first step towards a seamless Bitrix24 migration by contacting us today! Unlock the full potential of your business with our expert migration services.
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