Bitrix24 Tasks & Projects: Streamlined Scrum & Team Collaboration Tool

Streamline Task Management on Mobile

Simplify task setting, project management, and team communication – all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Unite Your Team

Kickstart a project with ease using Bitrix24's online project management tools. Create a workgroup, add team members, assign roles, and start delegating tasks.
Chats, video conferences, and other communication tools make Bitrix24 the ideal choice for remote team collaboration.

Perfect for Remote Collaboration

Employees can clock in and out, while managers can monitor their work time.

Digital Time Clock

Bitrix24's project management software offers 35+ tools for seamless team collaboration.

Comprehensive Online Collaboration Platform

Assign Tasks & Monitor Deadlines

Assign tasks to individuals or groups, and receive immediate notifications, ensuring work begins without delay.
Reuse templates for recurring tasks and projects to streamline your workflow.

Task & Project Templates

Save time by automating repetitive tasks with this essential project management feature.

Task Automation

Easily break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks.

Subtasks & Checklists

Visualize Project Progress

Display your project's tasks and stages in a Gantt chart, Kanban board, calendar, or planner, according to your preference.
Bitrix24 supports all four task dependencies - FS, FF, SS, and SF. Establish dependencies by simply dragging an arrow from one task to another.

Task Dependencies

Embrace the Agile project management approach with fully customizable Kanban stages, tailored to each user's needs.

Customizable Project Kanban Board

Gain a comprehensive overview of project progress and identify delays using the Gantt chart view.

Project Gantt Chart

Streamline Project Communication Online

Utilize a wide range of project management tools for efficient communication, including chats, comments, video calls, and video conferences.
Configure custom permissions for editing, delegating, creating, and deleting tasks at both individual user and department levels.

Customizable Task Permissions

Maintain a separate chat for each project to discuss project-related matters and share files easily.

Dedicated Project Chat

Engage in comments, attach files, share links, give likes, and reply to others' comments within each task.

Task Discussions and Comments

Real-time Project Progress Tracking

Receive notifications of project-related activities, respond to new comments, and monitor your project's progress using built-in communication tools like chats, comments, video calls, and video conferences.
Quickly locate the tasks you need, regardless of the number of ongoing tasks and projects.

Efficient Task Search & Filtering

Automatically filter and prioritize tasks based on recent activity.

Autofocus Feature

Keep track of your tasks and never miss critical updates.

Task Reminders and Alerts

Centralize Project File Storage

Utilize Bitrix24.Drive's cloud storage to create, edit, store, and share all your project-related documentation and files.
Create, co-edit, and share text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time with your team.

Collaborative Editing in Real-time

Manage access permissions to ensure only authorized team members can access your files.

Secure Project Data Storage

Work with project files across devices and operating systems, both mobile and desktop.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Streamlined Scrum Management & Collaboration

Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive set of Scrum tools, integrated communications, and collaboration features, making it the perfect project management solution for teams in any industry.
Utilized by IT, banking, manufacturing, non-profits, healthcare organizations, government agencies, and numerous other industries and sectors.

Versatile Across Industries

Benefit from a Scrum tool that's seamlessly integrated with online meetings, chats, calls, calendars, and time tracking for enhanced communication and collaboration.

Integrated Communication Tools

Experience a feature-rich Scrum environment with teams, sprints, backlog, Scrumban, epics, DODs, story points, scrum of scrums, scrum velocity, and more.

Comprehensive Scrum Functionality

Efficient Project Resource Management

Monitor time spent on tasks, distribute workloads effectively, generate task reports, and track KPIs to evaluate your team's performance.
Supervisors can confirm or decline completed tasks or submitted task reports to maintain high standards.

Enhanced Task Efficiency & KPI Monitoring

Leverage Bitrix24's integration with the Billable Hours app to monitor working hours and create invoices with ease.

Track Billable Hours

Receive regular task reports from your team members (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) for better insight.

Detailed Task Reports

Comprehensive Online Collaboration Suite

As part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our team task management tool is cross-integrated with other Bitrix24 tools, providing a unified online collaboration, automation, and marketing platform to manage your business effectively.
  • Mobile Task Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Workspace
  • Calendar
  • Team Time Management
  • Drive
  • Videoconferencing
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Telephony
  • Robotic Process Automation
Transform disjointed processes, activities, and document flows into a single, streamlined workflow from start to finish, maximizing efficiency and productivity.