Bitrix24 Implementation Packages

Quick Start

Get started with Bitrix24 quickly with an understanding of the tools and your clients base.
  • Presentation of opportunities and recommendations for using Bitrix24 (Zoom session with recording)
  • Registration of Bitrix24 Cloud
  • Creating a company structure in Bitrix24
  • Adding employees to the system and setting access rights for up to 20 employees
3 days
  • Importing a clients base
  • Adding information about the company, mission and tasks to the Knowledge Base
  • Uploading the company logo, filling in the basic data about the company

Unified Communications

Gain complete control over all communication channels, including telephony, mail, social networks, and instant messengers, to enhance customer engagement, improve response times, and optimize team performance.
  • Connection of company's shared E-mail account to Bitrix24
  • Connection of personal mailboxes of employees up to 20
  • Setting up employees E-mail signatures
  • IP telephony connection
5 days
  • Setting up social networks: Facebook, Instagram
  • Connecting messengers: WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, Telegram
  • Installing a Bitrix24 widget on a website
  • Installing a CRM form on a website up to 3 forms

Sales Boost

Keep your finger on the pulse of sales: customers, sales, history of interactions, reports.
  • Creating sales funnels - streamlined and structured work process, bringing customers to a sale, identifying weaknesses, improving the quality of service.
  • Setting up custom fields - increases the commercial value of the data, reduces the processing time of the client.
  • Setting access rights - security, database safety, solves the problem of distributing clients among employees.
  • Clients base import - flexible segmentation, increase in repeat sales and average check, return of forgotten customers.
  • Import of catalog - increase in additional sales, increase in the average check, offer alternatives.
10 days
  • Adding control robots - reducing losses, reducing processing time, increasing conversion and loyalty, reducing the cost of customer acquisition.
  • Setting up document templates - automatic data filling, saving time for targeted actions, a single document storage environment, electronic document management.
  • Setting up reports - the effectiveness of sales channels and employees, the solvency of customers, bottlenecks in sales, increasing conversion.
  • Working with accounts - tracking receivables, tracking payment statuses, evaluating customer profitability.

Tasks & Projects Optimization

Control tasks and projects with Bitrix24: projects, Kanban, Gantt, Scrum, reports, access rights.
  • Creation of projects, working groups
  • Setting up Kanban stages in projects
  • Adding task templates up to 5 pieces
3 days
  • Setting up Scrum Teams NEW
  • Setting employee access rights to tasks and projects
  • Setting up reports on tasks up to 3 pieces
Bitrix24 implementation packages are a set of services with a fixed cost and specific deadlines. Such solutions are implemented quickly, because they are standardized and have been tested in practice more than once. Despite the speed, the quality of this approach is not inferior to the personal one due to the scheme of work on the project worked out to automatism.

Choosing a package option within 3-15 working days, you get Bitrix24 completely ready for work, which is already installed and configured for you. For your convenience, with each package we provide detailed instructions for working with Bitrix24, which are simplified and designed by us for the perception of users.

The above Bitrix24 implementation packages include a set of services for a full start of work with the CRM system. The Bitrix24 license is purchased additionally.

Features of Bitrix24 implementation packages

  1. Implementation as soon as possible
  2. The price of packages is more profitable than buying services separately
  3. The scope and sequence of actions are predetermined
  4. Repeatedly tested CRM implementation process

Bitrix24 implementation packages contain a wide range of tools, from installing a corporate portal and importing an existing client base, to connecting telephony and integrating a site with social networks. In the future, when you need improvements, such as business process automation, staff training or service integration with Bitrix24, you can use them additionally.

By choosing Bitrix24 implementation packages, you get:

  1. Bitrix24 customized for you;
  2. Bitrix24 mobile application;
  3. Connected contact center, mail and telephony;
  4. Website integration with your Bitrix24;
  5. Integration with social networks, instant messengers and end-to-end analytics.