Bitrix24 Contact Center: Unified Customer Communication Management

Unified Social Media Communication Hub

Streamline your business communication by centralizing customer interactions from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and other platforms in one place. Monitor customer activity, respond to messages and comments, and analyze data with ease.
Enhance customer connectivity by adding a WhatsApp widget to your website for easy communication.

Bitrix24 + WhatsApp

Link your Facebook profile to our Contact Center and respond to client messages directly through Bitrix24 Messenger.

Bitrix24 + Facebook

Official integration for a seamless shopping experience, enabling you to manage customer interactions, including payments, within Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 + Instagram

Why Choose Bitrix24 Over Other Solutions?

Consolidate all your current SaaS solutions into one platform
Simple data migration from other systems
Integration with your favorite services and apps
Trusted by over 12 million users worldwide
Transparent flat fee pricing without per-user costs

Boost Your Sales with Bitrix24.CRM + Instagram

Elevate your sales strategy by integrating Instagram and offering your customers a smooth, native shopping experience.
Oversee the entire sales process within Bitrix24 CRM: respond to DMs, share product images, and send payment links with ease.

Simplified sales management

Enable customers to browse, order, and pay for products without leaving the Instagram app, streamlining the entire process.

Seamless customer experience

Connect your Instagram profile in just a few clicks and expand your business reach on the platform like never before.

Effortless integration

Live Chat for Enhanced Customer Support

Implement a live chat widget on your website for instant customer support and service. Save all dialogues in your CRM and recognize returning customers automatically.
Develop a collection of pre-written responses for use during periods when your customer support team is unavailable.

Predefined responses

Allow customers and team supervisors to rate each conversation, with data displayed in the Contact Center for analysis.

Customer and supervisor ratings

Employ default settings or create personalized rules to manage, route, and distribute customer chats among your team.

Customizable rules, routing, and transfers

Comprehensive Telephony Solutions

Utilize Bitrix24 Telephony to rent local phone numbers, establish internal extensions, set up call queuing and forwarding, and enhance your overall communication system.
Implement an auto-dialer, install callback widgets on your website, send callback requests, and utilize voice broadcasts and SMS.

Streamlined telemarketing

Record calls and link them to deals in CRM, while automatically forwarding incoming calls to the responsible sales representative.

Seamless CRM integration

Benefit from call tracking, routing, forwarding, screening, transcription, recording, and more with Bitrix24 telephony.

Advanced VoIP telephony features

Unified Social Media and Messenger Management

Connect your business profiles on social media and messengers to the Contact Center for efficient and simplified customer communication management.
Assess performance metrics, including channel activity, response times, customer satisfaction, and peak loads for customer support specialists.

In-depth analytics and statistics

Streamline customer interactions with a single dashboard for storage and analysis across all connected platforms.

Centralized social media management

Integrate Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other platforms to deliver prompt and superior customer service.

Elevate customer support

Robust Email, SMS, and Voice Call Solutions

Enhance your customer communication strategy with classic channels such as email, SMS, and voice calls, integrated into your Bitrix24 Omnichannel Contact Center.
Utilize office/cloud PBX or SIP-trunk to rent a SIP connector for free phone calls, paying only for outbound calls at current rates.

Voice call capabilities

Launch SMS campaigns by sending promotional text messages to contacts within your customer base.

SMS campaigns

Connect mailboxes to Bitrix24 Contact Center with a single click to manage all emails in one location.

Unified helpdesk

Beyond a Contact Center: A Complete Online Collaboration Suite

As part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our CRM Contact Center is cross-integrated with other Bitrix24 tools, offering a comprehensive online collaboration, automation, and marketing platform.
  • Mobile Task Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Workspace
  • Calendar
  • Team Time Management
  • Drive
  • Videoconferencing
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Telephony
  • Robotic Process Automation
Replace chaotic processes, activities, and document flows with a single, streamlined contact center help desk within the Bitrix24 help desk software.

Why Choose Bitrix24 Contact Center?

  • Trusted by over 12 million companies worldwide
  • Ideal for remote sales and customer support teams
  • Optimal solution for streamlining customer communications
  • Replaces other cloud contact center solutions in use