Business Process Master

Welcome to Business Process Master, an advanced extension for Bitrix24 designed to amplify your platform's automation capabilities and boost efficiency. This innovative tool is your key to transcending the boundaries of routine processes and unlocking the true potential of Bitrix24.

With Business Process Master, you gain extensive automation options across various domains. Our solution is designed to interact seamlessly with different facets of Bitrix24, providing you with an unparalleled level of customization and control. Here's a glimpse at what you can automate with Business Process Master:

  • CRM Automation: Amplify your efficiency with the automation of essential CRM functions, encompassing both old and new account cards, deals, leads, and documents.
  • Catalog Management: Streamline your goods and orders processes for optimal efficiency.
  • Task & Project Management: Automate tasks and working group functionalities, boosting productivity in your project management processes.
  • Communication: Harness the power of automated mobile push notifications, employee notifications, callback, and mail services.
  • Company Management: Automate operations with employees, calendar, time tracking, disk, and live feed (news).
  • Data Automation: Manage lists and data warehouses with enhanced automation.
  • Website Management: Automate website and agreement-related tasks for better efficiency.
  • And more: Business Process Master also offers a host of other additional automation options tailored to your needs.

But that's not all - we are committed to evolving our application to meet your needs. If you feel something's missing, or if you have suggestions for improvement, we're all ears. Connect with us via chat or email at

Empower your Bitrix24 platform with Business Process Master and redefine the way you manage your business processes.

Experience the unmatched blend of creativity, efficiency, and productivity that our tool offers. It's time to master your business processes with Business Process Master.