Bitrix24 Sites & Stores: Ultimate Free Website and Online Store Builder

Unleash your online potential with a free website and e-store builder

Leverage our user-friendly, block-structured website builder to craft stunning landing pages or e-stores, seamlessly integrated with Bitrix24's CRM and digital marketing tools.

Easy-to-use website creator

Building websites and landing pages has never been this straightforward. In less than half an hour, you can modify a template to fit your aesthetic and promotional needs - it's that simple!
Whether you're in the restaurant business or healthcare sector, we offer landing page templates for all industries. Choose your favourite and customise it to forge a unique website.

Over 100 tailored templates

Secure a free second-tier domain - simply choose a preferred name and link it to your website.

Complimentary domain and hosting

With zero coding skills needed, the entire process is a breeze and the outcome is consistently remarkable.

Streamlined website construction

Responsive design
Ready-to-use cookie consent forms
Superblocks feature
Automated Search Engine Optimisation

Why Choose Bitrix24 Over Other Solutions?

Consolidate all your current SaaS solutions into one platform
Simple data migration from other systems
Integration with your favorite services and apps
Trusted by over 12 million users worldwide
Transparent flat fee pricing without per-user costs

E-store builder at your fingertips

With Bitrix24, you can design, launch your e-store, and receive your initial customers and orders - all within 24 hours.
Each e-shop you build comes equipped with product catalogue, order management, and inventory management tools.

Comprehensive order and inventory management

All orders and customer details are automatically funneled into your CRM.

Seamless integration with Bitrix24 CRM

We offer an array of attractive, user-centric e-shop templates to satisfy the pickiest customers and business owners.

Pre-configured e-store templates

Package and bundle options
Flexible pricing and discounts
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) availability

Design your landing page with ease

Use our complimentary landing page builder to create a unique, captivating landing page that not only looks great but also drives sales.
Our landing pages are fully integrated with Bitrix24's CRM, marketing, and customer support tools, enabling seamless operations.

Marketing-friendly landing pages

You have the freedom to choose your domain name and host your landing page free of charge with Bitrix24.

Complimentary hosting for landing pages

Choose a template that resonates with you and customise it using our block-based editor to create a distinctive, visually impressive landing page.

Wide selection of landing page templates

Landing page optimisation tools
Free unlimited bandwidth
API and integrations

Sales and marketing powerhouse

Every website, landing page, or online store you create in Bitrix24 is equipped with a comprehensive range of marketing tools and integrations.
Install additional integrations to expand your capabilities for payment processing, marketing, and sales.

Third-party applications

All customer data, orders, and payments from your website can be automatically fed into Bitrix24's CRM.

CRM synchronisation

Enhance lead generation and customer conversion by adding personalised web forms and live chats to your Bitrix24-built website.

Customisable web forms and live chats

Email marketing
Repeat sales strategies
Product catalogue within CRM
Google Analytics integration
CRM Store

More than just Websites & Stores - A Comprehensive Online Collaboration Suite

As a part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our Sites & Stores are cross-integrated with all other Bitrix24 tools, providing you with a robust online collaboration, automation, and marketing platform.
  • Mobile Task Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Workspace
  • Calendar
  • Team Time Management
  • Drive
  • Videoconferencing
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Telephony
  • Robotic Process Automation
Rather than having various disconnected processes and document flows, Bitrix24 software offers a single, streamlined process that takes you from start to finish with ease.

Why Choose Bitrix24 Websites & Stores?

  • Endorsed and trusted by over 10 million companies worldwide
  • The perfect solution for remote sales teams
  • An unparalleled way to simplify your online sales and marketing operations
  • A comprehensive replacement for any other e-commerce tools in use