About us

LINE Business Automation is a premier CRM integration company specializing in business process automation and Bitrix24 implementation. We offer a comprehensive range of services for this CRM system, including license sales, basic setup, business process automation, and staff training. As a certified gold partner since 2013, our partnership with Bitrix24 highlights our dedication to excellence.

Our extensive programming expertise and experience enable us to address any customization requirements for your portal. We facilitate integrations with various services and software, develop custom modules, and refine the system as needed.

At LINE Business Automation, we place a strong emphasis on optimizing business processes during CRM implementation and automation. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your company's operations, which allows us to design and model process schemes tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Our mission is to help you streamline routine tasks, enhance employee productivity, reduce costs, and boost profits by implementing and utilizing the cutting-edge tools offered by Bitrix24.

We are committed to serving businesses that are focused on growth, development, and the pursuit of exceptional results.