Balanced Application Distribution with Bitrix24

Explore how Bitrix24 can help businesses efficiently manage and distribute applications among managers, ensuring prompt responses and meeting KPIs. Learn about custom automated scripts that enhance productivity and improve customer service.
Ensuring a balanced distribution of applications is a common challenge faced by both B2C and B2B companies.
The objectives were:
  1. Distribute applications received after hours among managers who started the workday at 9 am daily.
  2. Reassign applications not responded to within 30 minutes during the workday to a less busy manager, and notify the initial manager of the processing delay.
  3. Forward incoming requests during the day if the responsible person has not begun the workday.
This task was implemented using the on-premises version of Bitrix24. A custom automated script was developed, installed on the client's server, and executed at the specified time or after a certain interval. The core of the Bitrix24 portal remained unaffected, allowing for future system updates.
The solution involved multiple software scripts:
1. Assigning applications of absent employees:
A script runs every 5 minutes, checking for new deals assigned to employees who have not started their workday. If any such deals are found, they are evenly distributed among managers with the fewest ongoing applications.
2. Redistributing overdue applications:
A script runs every 15 minutes, checking for overdue requests. An overdue order is a deal that remains in the qualifying stage for 30 minutes or more. Overdue tickets are evenly distributed among managers with the fewest ongoing tasks.
3. Distributing off-hour transactions:
At 9 am, the script automatically checks for transactions received during the evening and night when employees were not available. If any are found, they are distributed among managers who have started their workday. Managers who arrive late may miss out on KPI bonuses.
Applications are evenly distributed among managers from a specific department. Employees who do not belong to the department handling specific transactions will not receive applications.
These distribution scripts were tailored for a specific project but can be applied to other on-premises projects. As additional functionality, they do not impact the portal itself or its future updates. Moreover, these scripts can be customized to suit your requirements.
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